Roche Turm Bau 2, Basel, Switzerland

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Peikko's corbel system for the highest building in Switzerland.

The building footprint starts with 32 m x 59 m in floor area, and ends up with 32 m x 16 m area for the upper floor. Similarly to Roche Turm Bau 1 (Tower 1), the floor area of Bau 2 (Tower 2) decreases as the building gets taller. This results in having pre-stressed cantilevered slabs up to 3.6 meters with large openings in the stairway zone.

The main stability structure consists of two reinforced concrete cores, fixed in the three-level basement structure. In this building, to simplify the installation, Peikko provided PCs® Corbels used in staircase walls and PC® Beam Shoes used in precast concrete landing plates. Standard PCs® Corbels were used at first levels, and modified corbels were required at all other levels.

Having precast staircases and post-installed corbels proves to be the right solution to accelerate construction time in comparison to the concept used in Tower 1.

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