LORC Wind Turbine Test Centre, Munkebo, Denmark

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Function Test Center of Wind Turbine Nacelles up to 10 Mega Watt.

The Function Tester of LORC is focused on testing the influence of the internal and external electrical dynamics on the complete nacelle with an output up to 10 MW, including the hub.

Wind turbines are electrically controlled and regulated by numerous complex and fast reacting control and protection systems that monitor and react to both external conditions such as grid and wind speed signals, as well as internal conditions such as generator speed, temperatures in thermally sensitive components, oil flow ratings, etc.

Both the Drive motor with an output of 13.800 kW and the nacelle is fasten into the foundation though the post tensioned Peikko FATBAR® Post-Tensioned Anchors with a length of up to 10 meter. 

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5000 m2
Per Aarsleff A/S
Viggo Madsen A/S
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