Lighthouse, Aarhus, Denmark

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The tallest residential building in Denmark

Lighthouse is located at the tip of Aarhus Bay just where the sea and the city meet. The 142 meter tall lighthouse, the Promenade house and the Canal house consists of 400 apartments with the best view in the city, a bay center, café / restaurant on the top floor and a viewing platform at the top with public accessibility.

Lighthouse was designed by GXN with the sea, the waves, nature and the view of the entire bay as a source of inspiration. The curved and soft lines in the construction itself, is a reflection of the sea and the eternal movement of the waves. Per Aarsleff has been responsible for the loadbearing structures.

It was necessary to base the high-rise building on 28 pieces of Ø2000 piles which were drilled to approx. 70 m. depth, due to the soft soil conditions of the area. By using posttensioned concrete slabs in the high-rise floor structures, it was possible to reduce the height of the slabs so much that the amount of drilled piles could be reduced by one, due to the overall decreased weight of the structure. With the slim design of the floor slabs, it was necessary to use punching reinforcement. The contractor chose to use PSB® Punching Reinforcement.

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76000 m2
Anpartsselskabet Lighthouse United
Per Aarsleff A/S
Rambøll Danmark A/S
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