Freedom 36 Business Centre , Vilnius, Lithuania

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DELTABEAM® are becoming standard solution in modern office buildings in Lithuania.

Today’s flexible business work methods encourage creation of easy transformable and spacious offices that allow them to adapt to changing working conditions. This is what the new Freedom 36 office building in Vilnius is like - modern, energy efficient, and with spaces that can be easily transformed.

DELTABEAM® Slim Floor Structure was chosen for the project, and special attention of engineers was paid to composite beams with a span length of 8.5 meters and cantilevers length of 3.5 meters.

“A cantilever façade has been chosen for the project, each floor of which is built on DELTABEAM® Slim Floor Structure. Nowadays cantilever facades are used more and more. But the main difference in this project that it was made of prefabricated three-layer reinforced concrete walls which loaded cantilevers by point loads 90 – 120 kN”, says Mantas Šidarauskas, Lead Structural Engineer at INHUS Engineering.

According to the engineer, DELTABEAM® system was chosen as the most optimal solution for this project (both in terms of price and height of structures). "One of the most important aspects was that thanks to DELTABEAM® we managed to save additional height in each floor, which was used for convenient installation of engineering systems", says M. Šidarauskas.

During the design, it was important that the deflection of the DELTABEAM® did not exceed 5 mm during all construction stages. SCIA Engineer software was used for design which helped to ensure the stiffness of DELTABEAM® at different stages.

In total, almost 2 km of DELTABEAM® were manufactured and delivered to the project.

Freedom 36 is an A+ energy class business center designed according to the international standard for sustainable buildings BREEAM. On the roof of the building there are not only panoramic terraces for the employees of the business center, but also solar panels, which will produce about 10% of the electricity needed for the building.

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23,000 m2
Galio group, UAB
Conresta, UAB
INHUS Engineering, UAB
Unitectus, UAB
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