ESO SuperNova Planetarium & Visitor Centre, Garching, Germany

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ESO SuperNova Planetarium and Visitor Center has been built with Peikko's Punching Prevention Systems and Rebar Couplers. 

Approaching the limits of building

ESO SuperNova Planetarium in Garching

So far the most spectacular, but first of all technically most pretentious building project by GROSSMANN Bau is called ESO Supernova - a Planetarium of the European Organisation for astronomical research in the southern hemisphere (ESO short). As a long-standing partner of GROSSMANN Bau, Peikko supplied the installation parts and punching reinforcement in this showpiece.

Supernova refers to the bright light of a massive star at the end of its lifetime - immediately before its explosion. A theory for the origin of a supernova assumes that a burnt-out star is swallowed by a companion, activating the fusion processes inside the star again. The vision of the architect was to reflect this fusion of two celestial bodies in a three-dimensional structure.

 The ESO Supernova includes four floors. The load-bearing components are created in reinforced concrete construction. The building consists of two cores, which are composed of an inner and outer shell connected by a ramp system. The floors span between the two cores like a bridge.

 Realization of "the star in the construction galaxy"

The company GROSSMANN Bau from Rosenheim put this galactic construction project into action due to their proven expertise in concrete construction. The object is already referred to as "the star in the construction galaxy" because it outshines previous projects of structural engineering. The specific architectural feature of the building lies in the rounded structures with curved lines.  

The floor slabs are designed as flat slabs with hollow body elements and some of the slabs are provided with a pre-camber. The PSB Punching Reinforcement increases the punching resistance of floor slabs and offers a reliable solution against punching (PSB) and shear failure (PSB-S).

 Planning a masterpiece

Due to the very complex geometry of the building, the structural planners of the renowned Engineering Office Bollinger + Grohmann developed the complete building within the planning process based on a 3D model. The complete information on the arrangement design was included in the 3D model. A classification scheme was developed for the transmission of information into the calculation program of statics in order to transfer the 3D-model of the shell construction automatically into a 2D formwork drawing.

After its completion, the building provides an exhibit space of 2,192 m² and banquet facilities for seminars and events in addition to the Planetarium. The new Planetarium of the ESO in Garching near Munich will offer fascinating insights into the universe from autumn 2017 onwards.

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4980 m2
Grossmann Bau
Bollinger + Grohmann
Architekten Bernhardt + Partner
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