Bicycle bridge, Køge, Copenhagen, Denmark

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Precast bicycle bridge crossing highway and high speed train rail

Precast manufacturer Spæncom Consolis erected a combined bicycle and pedestrian bridge in the city Køge close to Copenhagen in November 2015. The bridge crosses the new railway line between Ringsted and Copenhagen.

The assembly was divided into two stages, one crossing the E20 highway and one over the future high speed railway line between Copenhagen and Ringsted. The first erection stage was done over the upcoming railway line and was installed in one week and within normal working hours.

The bridge is four meters wide, consists of prefabricated columns and box beams with up to 24 meter of span and an element weight of over 34 tonnes.

The connection from the foundation was done with Peikko PPM® and 45 PPM® 52 High Strength Anchor Bolts and Peikko PEC® 45 and PEC® 52 Column Shoe that were embedded into the column shaft.

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