Peikko Designer® has now over 20,000 registered users worldwide

Peikko Group offers a wide range of free design tools that help optimize structural solutions in a reliable and fast way. In December 2016 Peikko’s own design software Peikko Designer® reached a significant milestone; the software has now over 20,000 registered users worldwide.

Peikko Designer® is free for registered users. The 3D design software has been developed since 2009 and it is the single largest R&D investment of Peikko. Currently Peikko Designer® has modules for designing column connections, punching reinforcement and anchoring plates. It helps designers select the most suitable Peikko products for a structure, model a connection, and print the needed documentation for checking engineers. Using Peikko’s 3D design components the products are inserted to the BIM software the designer uses.

The existing 3 modules of the software are constantly further developed. Currently one of the main focuses is on developing data transfer. In autumn 2016, Peikko introduced as the first concrete connection technology provider direct data transfer from a design software to a BIM software ­­– from Peikko Designer® into Tekla Structures. This makes designing clearly faster and easier.

“We are very proud that Peikko Designer® is seen so popular and valuable among designers. The software functions in 17 languages, and the design can be made using tens of national design requirements of which the designer can pick the suitable one for the country in question. This is very important, as design is today to a large extent made very internationally” states Topi Paananen, CEO of Peikko Group Corporation.


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